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11 Healthy Snacks for Kids That Feel Happy

Healthy snacks for kids

Do your kids keep on asking for food after some intervals?

Are you looking forward to some of the best and healthy snacks for kids?

If yes, check out the options that hold on to the capability of adding up extra nutrients to your child’s diet.

It quite obvious to feel hungry for the growing kids in between the meals. Usage of packaged snacks consistently for a longer time can ruin your child’s health. So, it gets quite necessary for us to take care of their diet while providing the, best healthy snacks in between meals as well.

Before leading further healthy snacks for kids, we would advise you to keep your kids away from items like refined flour, artificial ingredients, and added sugars as these are the main reasons behind most of the kid’s health issues like diabetes and obesity.

Snack time is a wonderful opportunity for adding up extra nutrients to your kid’s diet. Rather than providing highly processed snack food, you should fill in your child’s tummy with whole food that is full of energy and nutrition.

We are here with the list that includes healthy snacks for kids that will not only serve to be healthy for your kids but also be delicious as well.


If you are kids who often feel hungry, make yogurt a habit for them. Believe me, it is one of the best healthy snacks for kids. Yogurt is a great source of proteins and calcium and that seems to be quite nutritious for your growing kids.

Calcium is quite necessary for the developing bones of the kids whereas proteins are something that helps in building up more cells. Some forms of yogurt do come up with live bacteria and that makes the digestive system perfect.

If you are using homemade yogurt, you can simply take it as it is but if you are using the marketed one make sure that it is plain.

Plain and full-fat yogurt can be easily sweetened up with fresh fruits and a drizzle of honey and that is something quite healthy for the growing kids.

We would prefer you not to use honey for children below 12 months of age. Children below 12 months are usually at higher risks of infection and hence that can prove to be quite dangerous for them.

Use celery with peanut butter and raisins

Celery with peanut butter and raisins is one of the healthy sweet snacks on the list that will help you in providing additional nutrients to your kid’s diet. Most of the children avoid eating vegetables, but this snack makes them eat a vegetable without any issues.

Making this healthy snack for kids is quite easy. You simply have to cut down the stalk of celery into three or four pieces and once you have done with it, you have to spread the peanut butter over it along with few raisins. The entire food is full of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, and believe me your kids are going to love it a lot.

Nuts are a great option

Nuts or dry fruits are often a great option to serve as a healthy snack idea for your hungry kids in between meals. Nuts are not only delicious but are rich in healthy fats, fiber and antioxidants as well. Nuts boost up the immune system but also helps in staying in shape always.

Dietary fat is one of the most important nutrients that help in the overall growth of kids. Introducing nuts at a very early age lowers down the risk of allergic reactions and helps in boosting up the memory power as well.

healthy snacks nuts

Fruit smoothie

A fruit smoothie is another wonderful healthy snack to eat on the list that your kids are surely going to love a lot. A glass of fruit smoothie daily is quite enough to add up a lot of nutrients into a small pack to your kid’s diet. You can make use of seasonal fruits for making your fruit smoothie even healthier and tasty.

If you are willing to add some veggies into the fruit smoothie but are worrying whether your kid will love it or not, just take your worries aside as the sweetness of the fruits doesn’t even your kid make realize if some veggie is out there? Rather than choosing the fruit packaged fruit juices which are usually higher in sugar, we would always advise you to choose whole and fresh ingredients for making the fruit smoothie always.

Fruit smoothie

Hard-boiled eggs

If your kids love eggs, hard-boiled eggs can be another wonderful and high protein snack option for them. You can hard boil the eggs, can keep them in the refrigerator, and surprise them with this wonderful high protein treat.

Eggs are highly nutritious and are one of the very important parts of the healthy diet of a growing kid.

Eggs not only provide high-quality proteins to the growing kids but are a great source of adding several vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B 12, riboflavin, and selenium to their diet as well.

Moreover, eggs are also rich in two carotenoids i.e. lutein and zeaxanthin that keep the child’s eye healthy always. Eggs are one of the most important parts of a healthy diet and serve to be quite helpful in proper brain development.

Energy balls

Energy balls can be another wonderful and healthy snack option for your hungry kids at any time. Energy balls just taste like cookie dough but are more nutritious than anything else. The energy balls are usually made up of nutritious whole ingredients and raisins that make them quite delicious.

Making up this healthy snack is quite easier. You can easily make energy balls either with ground flax or with whole chia seeds. Both of the options being mentioned above are rich in fiber, protein, and antioxidants and seem to be quite nutritious and healthy for your growing kids.

Carrot sticks and hummus

If your kid love dips, you can make use of carrot sticks and hummus as a healthy dip for them. Your kid will not only eat the veggies happily but it will also add up a lot of extra nutrition in their diet. Hummus is usually a thick, creamy spread that tastes so delicious.

This healthy dip is usually made up of chickpeas and that makes it quite rich in fiber, folate, and plenty of antioxidants. This healthy dip will fall your kid in love with veggies anytime.

Apple and nut butter sandwich

I would rather say, how healthy and delicious are the nut butter and apple themselves. A perfect, healthy, delicious, and filling combo of nut butter and apple seems to be one of the finest healthy snacks for your hungry kids anytime.

Just make a perfect sandwich with a nut butter spread and the sliced apple rounds inside and see the magic. If you are willing to add extra crunch to the sandwiches you can simply add hemp seeds, chia seeds, or chopped nuts into the roll of edges.

Your kids are going to fall in love with this snack. The snack is rich in fibers and protein and will boost up your child’s growth.


Healthy fruits can also serve to be a great healthy and convenient snack option for your hungry kids anytime. Seasonable and fresh fruits are often rich in fibers and different nutrients like potassium, vitamin A and C, and minerals, and consumption of such things can boost up your kids’ growth anytime.

You can give any of the grabs and go fruits as snacks like banana, grapes, apples, plums, pears, and peaches, etc. If you are willing to give fruits like mango, cantaloupe, or pineapple you can cut them into slices and can even store them in small containers as well.


Cheese is another one of the finest and healthiest snack options for your kid. I would rather say most of the kids love cheese. It is made up of protein and fat and is a great source of calcium as well. consumption of dairy products improves the overall diet quality and adds up more value to the overall growth of your kid.

You can make use of full-fat dairy products for providing additional nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, and Vitamin A and D for fulfilling your child’s nutritional requirements perfectly. Along with snacks, you can add cheese to the main diet as well.

Trail mix

If you are child is not allergic to nuts, a healthy trail mix can also be a healthy evening snacks option to go along with. Most of the packaged trail mixes do come up with chocolate candies.

These chocolate candies are often quite rich in sugar and can serve to be dangerous for your kid’s health if being consumed on regular basis.

Instead of depending upon the packaged food, you can easily make the trail mixes at your home also. Just mix up the nuts, dried fruits, and whole-grain cereals in a perfect amount to make a perfect trail mix. Trail mixes add extra nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to one’s diet.

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