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28 day Best Meals plan for Weight Loss Diet

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If weight loss is your goal in quarantine, you are in the right place for weight loss diet. In this article, we will be showing you guys some of the most amazing recipes for weight loss. We’ll give showing you guys some amazing recipes you can incorporate into your healthy weight loss diet plan.

Before getting into the recipes, we’ll share some of our tips to keep going and not stop. It’s very easy to feel low when you don’t see any changes by following your meal planner, so the tips we’ll give will be helpful.

Tips to keep yourself motivated for weight loss diet

There are 2 things that can get you out of track, one is that you might not see the expected results in time. And the second case is if you are just done with forcing yourself to eat healthy.

In this section, we’ll discuss resisting cravings. It really does take you quite a while to completely get into the weight loss diet mode. Until then, it is very difficult for you to stay away from fast food because you literally find a fast food store on every corner.

But, once you get used to dieting, it will be really easy for you to resist eating junk food. In my opinion, the first week or so is the hardest part and this is when you have to build a strong pillar of adjustment for the rest of your diet.

If you don’t manage to keep yourself away, you won’t necessarily be able to keep it up for the rest of the time.

The first you can do is just getting rid of all of the unhealthy snacks in your house. Try replacing them with good stuff from the healthy meal plan we will be showing you guys in this article. And make sure you don’t eat anything unhealthy for once. If you do feel like “I am going to stop after one”, that’s not going to happen. The minute your tongue lands on fast food, it’ll just want more and more.

motivated for weight loss diet

Decide a cheat meal day, it might be any day of the weekend, Saturday or Sunday. When you feel like eating any fast food on the weekdays, you can just push yourself further by imagining the weekend.

You are not technically breaking the diet plan but you’re just giving yourself some freedom. Do the cheat meal thing for a week or two and you will get used to the healthy food after that.

When you do feel like you can manage without fast food, cut the cheat meals.

What to do about sugar cravings?

Sugar is something that you should absolutely avoid in your plan to eat list. But, it’s one of the most important aspects of people’s life.

sugar cravings

To avoid eating sugar and cure your cravings, just eat some protein bars and drink protein shakes. If you are in desperate need of sugar by the end of the week, you can treat yourself with a low-sugar high protein drink once a week.

Restaurants and the wonderful cooking skills of the chef can just get your weight loss plans into the trash bin within a few seconds.

The first you can do to avoid yourself from blowing your diet away is don’t go to restaurants and coffee shops. If it’s a food place, you are not leaving the house to join them.

It’s just very easy to fall into the trap when you are surrounded by delicious food and wonderful smells.

Good diet foods you should incorporate into your day

Before we get into the actual recipes, let’s just talk about some simple and easy diet recipes for days when you are running late for the virtual meeting. All of these do not require any cooking skills at all.


It’s just a classic in diet food recipes. Low in sugar, high in proteins and keeps you full for quite a bit of time. It’s the easiest thing you can cook if you are feeling lazy and dont want to spend tons of time cooking. The day before you choose to go on a diet, bring a few packets of one-minute oats (they’ll help you a lot).

oatmeal for weight loss diet

Egg whites

It’s not necessarily a meal but remember to eat whites. They do not contain any amount of fat or cholesterol and are completely protien. You dont need to put in much effort to prepare these, just fill a bowl with water and pop in some eggs. Do not eat the yolks and just stick to the whites.


Veggies should be the main aspect of our meal every single day. They give you so many different kinds of benefits and are very good for your health.

If you eat a bowl of vegetable salad, that is enough to keep to full till the next meal. If you are looking for a little twist to normal vegetables, you can easily steam them. Fill a bowl with vegetables and put them in the microwave for around 2 to 3 minutes.

If you are not a fan of microwaved things, you can simply boil them or eat them raw. You can add leafy vegetables to your salad and other types of food.

Now, we will give you guys a few diet recipes you can eat on each meal of the day.

Meal one:

We will give you five food varieties you can eat for your first meal of the day.

First food:

One cup of whole-grain cereal, a cup of 1% milk, just a tablespoon of peanut butter, a piece of any fruit.


Half cup of oatmeal (make sure it is made with water), 5 to 6 egg whites cooked along with 1 yolk, a piece of any of your favorite fruit.


Half a cup of oatmeal made with water, 5 to 6 egg whites cooked along with 1 yolk, half a cup of strawberries.


A medium-sized bagel with around half a tablespoon peanut butter, 5 to 6 egg whites cooked along with one yolk.


Half a cup oatmeal made with water, 6 to 7 egg whites cooked along with one yolk, half a cup of strawberries.

Meal two:

Here are some of our suggestions on things you can eat on your calories to lose weight diet.


A cup of brown rice, one cup of green vegetables, around 5 to 6 oz. of chicken breast.


A cup of green vegetables either boiled, steamed, or cooked and around 6 to 8 oz. of chicken breast.


A big baked potato along with skin, around 5 to 6 oz. of chicken breast, and a cup of your favorite vegetables.

Meal three

Now, let’s take a look at some meal plans for your third meal of the day.


You can treat yourself to a tuna sandwich made with around 6 oz. of tuna with two slices of wheat bread. You can also put in 2 leaves of romaine lettuce and one tablespoon of fat-free mayo.


A full cup of green vegetables, around 6 oz. of lean steak, a big size baked potato with skin.

It’s not enough if you lose weight

It is pretty hard to lose weight but it is even harder to keep that up. You can work super hard and avoid all your cravings to lose a good amount of weight in 2 months but if you go back to your daily habits, all of your hard work is just in the trash.

Once you lose weight, dont treat yourself so hard that you end up gaining twice the amount.

Stick to the same schedule even after you have lost weight. You have to be strict with yourself for the whole week and eat as much as you want on the weekend.

If you are at a restaurant and want to try something new, just do it with no second thought.

But you shouldn’t keep that going for the rest of your meals. As I said earlier, treat yourself heavily every Sunday and remain strict for the whole week.

Go to a restaurant with friends or family once in 2 weeks and just enjoy your food but remember to not cross the limit. That’s all we’ve got for you and good luck with the weight loss if you are just starting it.

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